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Wow! I'm earning badges!!

Isnt that great! I got a participation badge, just for loggin in! Ok, maybe after they finish this useless stuff they'll get around to answering our questions and fixing maybe some of the low-hanging fruit, like idk, making the API give you what you ...

doug4 by Occasional Contributor
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Email Lock on account

How can Email Lock be removed from account?Account Setting > User Management : Status is “Email Lock” All the rest of my account info there is correct. I receive billing invoice emails to this email, but have not been able to receive copies of shippi...

carriej by New Contributor
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Address verification after moving order from On Hold

Why is it that when we split orders for unavailable items, once we move them from On Hold to Awaiting Shipment, we have to do an address verification for every single order the moment we create a batch? It has recently been a recurring issue. It's es...

oxzgen5 by New Contributor
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Mapping a SKU to Shipping Paid by Customer

Within our POS system (Lightspeed), we have SKUs set up for charging for shipping. By carrier and service level. Examples: First Class Mail , or UPS Ground.Within the “Order Details” tap these SKUs are currently showing as “Product” under Order Summa...

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 2.01.59 AM.png Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 2.02.20 AM.png
FastFixCO by New Contributor
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Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet Error

it seems that the "Read weight from scale" and "Reload Orders Grid" have the same barcode. Is there anyway we can get the correct barcode for "Read weight from scale," please? Thank you in advance.As you can see from the pic they are both the same.

Barcode Error.png


SS doesn't calculate the totals correctly for combined orders. This feature is useless! The wrong amount gets into all reports and messes up monthly/yearly stats! The only reason we still haven't moved to a new platform is that SS keeps our reports f...

SS 2.png SS 1.png

Actual shipping costs on Packing Slip

Hi! I am looking for a way to add the shipping costs to a custom Packing Slip template I created. I need to add the actual cost as displayed in ShipStation when I have set the package dimensions and weight and purchase a label. Is that possible? If s...

seth1 by Occasional Contributor
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More order details available in email templates

I would like to have the ability to include order details in the email templates. Details such as item prices, shipping fees, etc. We are a wholesale company and our customers require invoices. Unfortunately, our accounting system and our stores do n...

Shipping RATE in Email Conformation

Does know how to get the Shipping Rate (carrier amount) in the email confirmation template to show up? I dont see it as one of the fields in the WYSIWYG drop down list. I have a Third Party client that requires us to send tracking along with the UPS ...

info806 by First-timer
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Scan packing slip to confirm packing

Hello,I do a lot of my orders via the mobile app as i am out and about a lot. Only problem with this is the shipstation connect software. The amount of times it randomly crashes, ends up stalling, and i have to get back to my pc and end the task and ...

Scan to Verify barcode format?

Does the barcode *HAVE* to be in UPC format? We use ISBN number barcodes, or an internal number for some products. When trying to use the "Scan to Verify" feature when the code is scanned a red box popped up (I was not given the exact contents of the...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Glitch to report

I had one item that is back-ordered. When it was purchased with other items, I will ship the order and print the label. Then go to the shipped order and click "create another shipment" for the back ordered item. the glitch is, the order will show in ...

john4 by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation Connect not working on Mac

I am having trouble getting the ship station connect app to work on my Mac. When I open it, it immediately shuts down. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my computer, etc. I am wondering if the app has been updated for MacOS version 12...

Resolved! FEDEX refrence numbers on labels

I am in need of being able to create specific refrence numbers on only some of the FEDEX labels. I understand that I can use the message 1 system to add a REF number to all of my Labels, but I only want specific labels to have specific codes in the R...

Fezzari by New Contributor
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Shipping to Philippines

Hi, I'm trying to ship a package to the Philippines, and the ZIP code there is only 4 digits (4200); Shipstation only allows zip codes to be 5 digits, is there any way around this?

Tech-IT by New Contributor
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Adding Custom Field 1 to Products

In the products page, There are so many fields that can enter information such as Weights and Dimensions. Can you please also add "Customer Field 1" column there? When we sell that item, it automatically fills "Custom Field 1".

Nnn by Contributor
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Resolved! Progressive Web App

ShipStation Team,Have you considered making your web app progressive? an example YouTube is available as progressive. allows managing the application acr...

Colorado Logo.jpeg
FastFixCO by New Contributor
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Shipstation connect

I'm having a weird issue with Shipstaton connect; I recently switched accounts andit would work on one account and not on the new one.I tried al

Tech-IT by New Contributor
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Need help with an Error. "Purchase Error"

I have never had this happen till the last 3 days. I keep getting "Purchase Error.. Error transferring wallet funds. Please refresh the page or try again later. I have refreshed and waited for a few hours and it doesn't help. The next day it will all...

Subscription Fee Huge Increase

ShipStation decides to just increase subscription fees during busy holiday month! For Gold from 69.99 to 99.99 while reducing the shipments per month from 3000 to 2500.For Platinum from 99.99 to 149.99 while reducing the shipments per month from 6000...

MeToo by First-timer
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Resolved! Printing issues - labels print super small on a 4x6"

Hi fellow users. Does anyone have this issue, and any solutions? We use Shipstation Connect to our Dymo 4XL printer to print 4"x6" lables, and recently it started printing super small. The image print size would fit 9 images on one label, which makes...


Hello all! I have created a custom packing slip with our logo and highlighted quantities above 1. However, when I print the orders out for the day, it only gives me the option to print one per page. It allows me to print two per page only when i sele...

Dustinator by New Contributor
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