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Filtering orders where warehouse location is blank


When filters are applied to multi-line orders, the criteria specified applies to the order as a whole ONLY if it applies to EVERY LINE (a logical AND condition). This works fine for some criteria, but is not optimal when using the filter criteria "Warehouse Location Is Blank."

We want to be able to filter for orders where ANY single item on a multiline order does not have the Warehouse Location filled in. This would allow us to know quickly which SKUs need their location info updated (such as newly arrived items that just arrived in receiving and haven't been stocked to a pick location yet). We want to hold off on printing pick lists for any order batches that include a SKU without a warehouse location, so the pickers don't end up working a list that doesn't have all the information they need to pick the items to their carts. Having a filter that works as a logical OR across all SKU lines on the order would allow us to move such orders to a holding batch for data updates as opposed to a picking batch.