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printing by warehouse location but sku needs to be in alphabetical order

New Contributor

We started printing by warehouse locations after continuing to update each sku location in the Products tab.  We've noticed that they don't print in sku order.

1. You can print by warehouse location, check!  But it does not print skus in order.

here is how it prints:

sku 1 location 4, sku 2 location 4, sku 1 location 4


It only makes sense if it prints:

sku 1 location 4, sku 1 location 4, sku 2 location 4.


2. the same sku prints in skipping order, so when you think you're done pulling all sku 1 in location 4, you have to go back to to sku 1 to pull more because after sku 2 and sku 3 are pulled, there are more sku 1 that printed.


Need skus to print alphabetically while printing by warehouse location is on.




Hello @marks!


Thank you for your suggestion. We’ve passed it along to our development team for review.


Happy Shipping!