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Sorting orders that have been grouped by criteria


In an effort to optimize picking in our warehouse and minimize multiple trips to the same stock locations, we add grouping to our Orders screen list to group by two levels. First, by Number of Line Items and second by item SKU. The resulting grouped list will show us that we have 23 single-line orders for item ABC, 34 single-line orders for item XYZ, 3 single-line orders for item JKL, etc. 

It would be really helpful to be able to sort that screen by the number of orders in each grouping, especially on days when we have 2000+ orders awaiting shipment. If we could sort from largest group to smallest group, we could then easily create order batches for the larger groups and issue pick lists that will cover dozens of orders in one location visit (or let us know we have more than a case quantity and we should go ahead an pull at least a full case from backstock so as not to deplete the primary pick bin).

This would increase picking efficiency by an order of magnitude, allowing us to make fewer visits to each pick location.

Is this kind of sorting of grouped orders possible? If it is not, could this enhancement be added? I'm sure a lot of ShipStation users would benefit from being able to do this, especially in heavy seasons (Amazon Prime Day, Christmas season, etc.)