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Both halves of split order moved to batch

Frequent Contributor

I have an order that was previously split and one half of it was shipped.  I assigned the unshipped half to a batch, but both shipments were moved to the batch, the shipped and unshipped one.  I had to then remove the shipped order in order to proceed with the batch.


Frequent Contributor

This problem remains and is very frustrating.  I often need to split orders for a partial shipment, and this problem makes it difficult to add an order that has been split to a batch, as I need to make sure to go into the batch and remove the half of the order that I do not actually want to ship.  


As always, this was not a problem in V2 and was introduced in V3.

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When you see this type of behavior issue between the old version and the new layout, it is our recommendation to get that information with the Support team right away for further investigation. You can reach them via chat widget if your plan allows it or otherwise reach them via email at



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