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Orders laggy and slow to load


Every  time I open an order it takes a few seconds for various fields to load, and the UI is frozen until that happens.  The loading fields seem to be inventory status and customer tax information.  I disabled inventory because I don't really use it and that no longer loads.  But it still takes a while for the tax information to load.  Is it possible to disable that so that orders open quickly?


Also, neither of these fields caused these problems in V2.  Why was this problem introduced in V3?



I thought it was just my computer. Other websites are functioning normally, but ShipStation definitely has a lag to it. I also noticed that shipping prices seem to change randomly after an order is shipped. We log each one, so when I first enter the cost and then go back a look at it a 2nd time, some seem to change. This should definitely be a beta and not the only version to use.

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It is SO very slow. I could create a label in half the time with the old version. Takes forever to load, forever to purchase shipping label, and to print. All the while the large modals stay on top telling you everything the system is slooooowly trying to accomplish. I absolutely dread creating labels with this new version. 🙁 Split orders don't give product prices/total, so I have to open up my ecommerce app, find the order, then manually calculate what the insurance value should be for each shipment.  Too many issues to even begin to list them...

Hello there! 


Thank you for providing this feedback to us. Hearing from you about this type of performance experience is very helpful indeed. 


I know that we are working on a great many changes/fixes currently, and if/when I hear anything along these lines on the way, I will update this thread accordingly! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Maybe while all the new bugs are worked out you can let us use V2, that everyone was happy with?

Hi there, thanks for this feedback! 


We’re committed to continuously improving the ShipStation experience for all of our users, and feedback like this helps us plan for the future. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the following resources for more help getting started with the new layout:  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


It seems that the "tax information" field loads quickly when viewing the order in the sidebar, but slow when opening the order in its own window.  This feels a lot like a pretty simple bug and it would be a nice improvement to the poor V3 user experience if this could be fixed ASAP.