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I was fine with the old version.  Then I got a message from SS saying they were forcing everyone to the "new improved" version.   So I go ahead and move over to the new version and its like 5 times slower to get a label printed.  I can't believe it!   I thought maybe it was my browser so I switched from Firefox to Chrome.   Nope!  It's still slow.   I mean ridiculously slow.  I'll type stuff in and it shows up on the screen 10-15 seconds later.    When I click print label it says "Purchasing label from carrier" for about 20-30 seconds until the label finally appears.    It's very reminiscent of applications on PCs around 1990 vintage working over 2400 baud modem connections.


This is progress????


We were just forced to move over today, and that was one of the first things we noticed. Labels take forever to print now, which will in no way be feasible during the peak season. I hope they get it fixed sooner than later.


Agreed! Takes 5x as long to process a small batch! The new version is CRAP and I'm looking for something else. It's not just this one thing I have a list of 7 'updates' that make shipping with ss horrible.