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Occasional Contributor

We are ready to switch to a competitor due to the new layout. SSH worked great but they ruined it and it's unusable for us now. I won't get into it because I think most will agree. Features don't work, riddled with bugs etc.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to force SSH to use the previous version (4?). This would keep us as a customer. It used to be that you could either opt out or simply log in at to get into the old version. Now you just get redirected back to ship5. 

I would legitimately pay DOUBLE to go back. 


Yes, there is. Click "Give Feedback" up in the top bar. Then select "Turn off the new layout" and then click into the text field and hit the spacebar like 10 times. The "Submit Feedback"  button will become clickable and the old layout will come back.