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How to track inventory for eaches and cases

Occasional Contributor


We have SKUs that are sold by the each as well as the case. So for instance, "SKU A" may receive a purchase for a quantity of 1, but we may receive a wholesale order for 1 case (30 eaches). Each unit has an individual UPC, and then the pre-assembled cases have a case UPC, which contain 30 units.

At times, we receive pallet orders that may contain 45 cases. We'd like to have the ability to scan these case UPCs (so 45 cases) instead of 1,350 individual units. But is there a way to tie all this together? Ideally, the order would show 45 cases, but then when the order is shipped, 1,350 eaches would deduct from inventory from "SKU A." 

I've tried creating a "SKU A Case" with a bundle that includes "SKU A," but that doesn't seem to be the answer. We aren't able to scan the "SKU A Case" barcode. Any ideas?