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IMb intelligent tracking

New Contributor

This has been discussed about a year and half ago and allowing an option to track mail would be an advantageous offer. Firstly, all mail already has own Mailer ID which it can manually view if someone contacts support. This is quite the hassle and competitors have already started to take advantage of the lack of visibility for mail. EasyPost is a rising competitor and has a feature like this which are fantastic. The only thing separating them from ShipStation and is ease of use. Allowing users to be able to see tracking based on the iMb intelligent barcode would allow users to send information to their customers and create a better buying experience while also cutting cost. Having an option like this would also allow ShipStation to promote its brand through its own tracking portal. I would be willing to pay extra just for this service and many others would as well. Or, if the easy road wants to be taken, a partnership with EasyPost to add them to the list of carrier options would also be good.