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Attaching files/pdfs/photos to shipment notification email

Occasional Contributor

We need to be able to add attachments to the shipment notification email, there have been other posts from other customers requesting this feature as seen here:


If we could have this done ASAP, this would be a great help to our business.


New Contributor

Hi ,

Just wanted to share a workaround.

You could have a script listening programmatically for when the order has been shipped (via Shipstation webhooks).
That way whenever an order is shipped your script can create an email and as a result add any attachment you want to that email

I know this is a bit of lengthy workaround, but hopefully it gets the job done for you!

Occasional Contributor

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply but I think what you are suggesting is for ShipStation to open a new email in Outlook so i can send an email to the customer.

Fortunately - ShipStation is already sending emails to the customer, I just need to be able to add attachments to that email. I feel like this is a very simple task to be done. 

Did you ever find a solution ?