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Why UPS ShipStation Rates now Higher than Buying from eBay? I thought SS had lowest rates available?


I noticed about a short time ago, my UPS rates were .80 up to $2 EACH, more on most of my shipments. It was exactly the same up until them. I Contacted SS and they said they can't speak to other companies rate, yet the advertising they do says they have the LOWEST RATES AVAILABLE from these carrieriers. Are we now getting a surcharge on UPS labels. ShipStation was once GREAT!  Now...Higher price to use, a $ charge to use your negotiated rates, and poor support.. Now IDK.. 


New Contributor

Yes, now shopify rates and ebay labels rates are lower than ups rates on shipstation. I am thinking I am going to have jump ship because what use is it to PAY for shipstation sub. to only pay MORE for the same UPS labels???

Hello longtimeshipper!

Thank you for your post. We appreciate the feedback. We have reached out to the  Customer Success team and escalated your concerns. Someone will be reaching out to you shortly. 


We appreciate you, and we hope to work with you for many years to come! 



New Contributor

Yes, I've noticed the same thing today.  I put in the exact same dimensions, weight, signature for a laptop order I received today.  The eBay UPS ground rate is roughly 11% LESS expensive than the ShipStation rate for the identical label.

eBay rate: $20.15
ShipStation rate: $22.43

The UPS discount through ShipStation was the main reason we used it but now it seems that benefit is no more.