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Automation Rules - Live Updates via TAGS


Hey, it would be very nice and helpful if when tags were updated, it was a live update that could trigger automated rules. This would be especially helpful for businesses like ours that use the tag system to organize our orders. The tags can tell us where the order is in our process from receiving the orders to shipping them. We have about 7 steps that each order goes through from the time it is received to the time it is shipped. I have spent the last 2 days trying make an automation rule, both through Shipstaion and a 3rd party with no luck. The goal is to have an automated email sent to the customer when the order reaches a certain point, based on a tag that gets applied, to then update them, as 75% of the emails I receive daily are asking the same thing, "can I get an update on my order." The issue that prevents any automation rules from applying is that tags are not updated on the backend once an order is imported according to the support agent I chatted with today. I am positive others would love this feature as it is already almost able to be made possible through Shipstaion alone. I know there are automation rules that can be set on Shipstaion, but tags are only affect those rules when the order is imported. After that, tags to not effect anything from my understanding.