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Shopify Exchange Feature needs to be compatible with shipstation

Occasional Contributor

I am writing to request your support for integrating the new Shopify Exchanges feature within Shipstation. As detailed on Shopify's official help page (, this functionality is critical for modern ecommerce operations, and we have been eagerly anticipating its release.

Unfortunately, we've encountered significant disappointment upon discovering that this feature is not currently compatible with Shipstation. Given the stature and capabilities of Shipstation as a leading software in the industry, it is surprising and unfortunate that there is a lack of alignment with Shopify, which is one of the most widely used CMS platforms in ecommerce.

We believe that supporting this feature would not only enhance our operational efficiency but also reflect positively on Shipstation's commitment to staying current with ecommerce trends and technologies.

Could you please provide an update on any plans to support this feature or any potential workaround that could be implemented in the meantime?