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What am I doing wrong that is preventing the label to be generated?


When I try to print a label there is a pop up that says "Accessory may not be combined with the product" but there are no other instructions as to what I did wrong or what I should have done. A "real person" chat told me that if I check "Online" as the confirmation option, then I can't select "the driver may release the package without a signature". I would like to use the "no signature" option but they still didn't tell me what confirmation option I needed to use. I'm new at this and wish there were some way to actually speak with someone.

Thanks for any tips you might be able to share.



Hello, @HoadGal!


Thank you for your post!! The error message you are receiving indicates that the carrier isn't accepting some combination of your shipment configuration settings. Please reach out to 


Thank you, and have an excellent rest of your day!