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Tracking numbers not appearing on the account balance history report

New Contributor

Issue: The tracking number is not appearing on the account balance history report. This would greatly aid in locating refunds and reconciling claims.

I reached out to support, who stated:

"Refund information can only be found in the Account Balance history or in the Stamps transaction history. Neither of those would include the tracking number.

To request a feature like having the refund information included in more reports, you can post your idea in our Ideas forum or comment and add kudos to existing ideas. The team reviews these ideas regularly to guide our product roadmap. Let us know how a certain feature could impact your business and improve how you work, and our team will take it into consideration."

So here I am.


New Contributor

I agree and have asked for the same information!  The only Transaction ID is when you purchase/fund your account.  It does not provide Transaction ID when a label is printed.

Will post another request in hopes that more posts on this matter will get us some attention and a fix.


Hello @bmRV4495!


Thank you for your post. This is a great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Happy Shipping!