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Multi-Warehouse Shipping Label Reconciliation

New Contributor

We have 3 warehouses in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. We remotely print to each warehouse's label printer based on the distance from the warehouse to the customer for fastest and cheapest shipping options.  Right now, we use batches to reconcile shipping labels to make sure each warehouse received all the labels. Part of the issue is that batches don't really have a wait of sorting by print order. So this leaves workers to one-by-one make sure they got each label. I am wondering if there is an easier or different way to go about this to make the process faster for our employees. It's really annoying to manually go through 500 labels and make sure they are all there. I hope this makes sense!



Hello outdoorsupply! 


Thank you for your post! If they were to create tags in Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, then you could tag their orders based on the warehouse. You could then create a custom view for each warehouse that uses the different tags as criteria. That way, each warehouse can view the orders coming from these different warehouses, and the people actually working in the warehouses can put them in the order they want them to be in. 


I have attached two articles here for you: how to create tags and how to create a customer view. If you need any assistance with creating any of these, you can always reach out to 


Happy Shipping!