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How do we improve our scan to verify workflow?

New Contributor

Good Afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on improving our workflow. Several months ago, we made it mandatory that orders be scanned with the "scan to verify" feature. At this point, though, it feels very clunky and time consuming. We usually have two Shipstation tabs open on a browser - one for the order itself, and the other for the "scan" tab. As you can imagine, it's a ton of toggling between the tabs, etc. You'll start scanning packing slips/products, then realize you are on the incorrect tab, etc.

I've been trying to look at hotkeys, but I'm not finding one that would open the scan feature. This would at least enable us to work from only one browser tab.

Unfortunately, the scan to verify and print workflow doesn't seem to be a fit, either. We currently use a pretty big carrier mix (Amazon Ground, FedEx, UPS, and USPS), so presetting a carrier isn't feasible.

So, our current workflow: highlight an order > print packing slip > click into the scan tab > Scan the order barcode > fetch the product > scan the product > return to order tab > wait on the rate calculator > purchase label.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve this?

Thanks so much!