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UPS Supplies (labels)

Occasional Contributor

Anyone using the labels available through UPS? 

Do they let you reorder even if you buy shipping through ShipStation rather than your UPS account?

Do the 01774006 4x6.25" labels work with ShipStation Connect?


Occasional Contributor

I ordered both and here are the results:

They are really nice labels. Nice and thick, great stickiness and really good contrast.  

The 4x6" on the big roll are just like any other labels.

The 4x6.25" small roll prints fine through ship station connect once you get your printer configured to the size and then calibrated. They have a 1.5" core size so the roll sits lower in the printer. I guess they're designed for the UPS/Zebra LP2844, I'm using a Zebra GK420t, your mileage may vary. 

I was limited to one roll of each when ordering, but it looks like I can order again. Not sure how long that will last. 

Hope this helps someone