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Shopify POS (Point of Sale) orders importing to Shipstation as Closed


Hi All

It seems shopify changed some settings with Shopify Point of Sale orders. 

Previously, POS orders would immediately be captured for payment, this would make these orders fulfilled and closed and would not be imported into shipstation if you have the integration set not to import closed orders.

For some reason, Shopify now has a delay in capturing the POS payment information and marking the POS order fulfilled.

What is happening now is shipstation is importing the POS orders and later marking them as closed when shopify finally captures and fulfills the POS order.

If you are pulling orders from Shipstation to a inventory system, this causes duplicate orders in the inventory system.

It is a huge problem for anyone using this work flow.  I have tried to communicate with tech support for months regarding this with no resolution.

At lease one tech support person suggested that I post this here. 

Hopefully the developers see this and create a fix for the issue.


New Contributor

I am having a similar issue. If a customer buys something in our physical store and their address is on file, Shipstation is pulling the order to be fulfilled and the customer was sent a duplicate order from the warehouse. I cannot figure out why this happened all of a sudden, it's never been an issue before. 



Hello ExceIRC! 


Thank you for your post. I know it has been a while! We have some good news: a fix was implemented yesterday, so you should see this in your settings now. If you need assistance, you can submit a ticket, and support will be happy to assist you. We are actively and continuously looking to improve this. Thank you for being so patient! We work for the best companies. 


Happy Shipping!




This just happened to our store again. A POS order imported into Shipstation pending shipments tab.


this is causing major headaches for us too. i thought it was something specific to our company. this has not been fixed as far as we can tell.