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Split shipping is an incomplete solution


Once an order is split, any updates to the order on your selling channel will not make it into shipstation. We split shipments pretty often because one or more order items will be shipped from a different location. Customers call in to add items to the order all the time. Once we do that, shipstation ignores it. 

In some cases, it's a minor inconvenience. You could argue that if the employee that added the item on to the storefront system, they could also find the order in shipstation and initiate another shipment and pack the notes field enough to be sure not to lose the thread. What if they don't?

We just added a $700 item on to this order and took the money off the customer's credit card. One distraction and the item would have never been shipped. 

I understand this is all very complicated, but Shipstation is conveying the message that it is the shipping logistics solution right? This isn't some very niche shipping SOP that I'm bringing up. We send orders in multiple shipments and we take order modifications. That must because the case with 50% of shipstation customers. no?