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Magento and Shipstation work flow


My developer has installed the latest ship station into Magento 2.4.6 in my new test ecommerce site.

Please can someone point me to documentation that shows the work flow process of an order in magento and how it gets to ship station and anything I can do with it in the middle..

What happens in Magento when an order is created and paid for, what do I have to do to get the order to be imported into Ship Station.

What can I do to an order before it goes to ship station.

Can I assign any Tags / notes to the order or a service?

My magento says that shipstaion rates are installed but not configured in Ship station, but I dont know what needs setting up.

In my current web site (pre magento) I use XML post and get to transfer data to shipstation manually and my old web site in this data send a post service to be used so I can set up a rule.

Is there any help / documentation that will help me please?