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Blurry Logo on Packing Slips

New Contributor

Is anyone else experiencing this? The logo is 300 DPI (print settings are as well) but while the rest of the packing slip prints crystal clear, our logo is very blurry and it looks extremely unprofessional. Anyone know why or have a fix/work around? TIA


Hey there @Rebeccah


When it comes to blurry logos, the first thing I always want to check out is the file type. We usually recommend PNG files with a solid background. I may also recommend making the logo file smaller as a troubleshooting step. 


If you double check these and find its still blurry, please feel free to reach out to our support team via email or chat widget so we can check out that image file with you directly in your account. 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!