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Marketplace Notification Failures


Sometimes we create shipments more quickly than Amazon wants to accept them, which results in our orders appearing unshipped to Amazon and Shipstation receiving a 429 error back.  Then our account at Amazon gets a wrist slap for not shipping orders in a timely fashion.

It would be great if shipstation would notify us when a shipment goes into failed notification state.  The info exists because we can check the shipment status in the shipments tab, but if our people don't go look for it we wouldn't know.  And because it only happens on maybe 1-2% of our shipments it's not necessarily habit to go search for it.  

An email or push notification on screen would be awesome.



Hello @MJ !


Thank you for your post. While we can't guarantee immediate implementation, please know that your idea has been shared with our development team for consideration in our future planning.


Happy Shipping!