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Order Total Sum Feature Added Please

New Contributor

When utilizing the awaiting shipments tab, we often want to see the order totals summed. So for example, if we have 5 orders pending with an order total of $10 per order then when selecting all 5 orders a summary showing $50 would be very helpful (5x$10). This function would also be very useful when multiselecting orders (ie: 3 of 5 orders are being shipped out) then we would know the $ value of the orders being shipped out that day.

Alternatively, a report of some sort would work as well but I believe the aforementioned idea would be the most convenient.

Attached is a very poor example of how I would imagine it integrating. Note the 5 selected orders totaling $50 at the top banner/line.

This is critical for our companies day-to-day and would greatly appreciate this feature being added.

Thank you!