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Beware of Global Post adjustments.

Occasional Contributor

Suddenly I'm getting "adjustments" which are indisputable with Global Post.

If they adjust it, they stand firm they are correct! I have been using the same packaging, same weight for years. And now they are randomly adjusting weights. At least with USPS, there is an APV adjustment process.

Just today, I was hit with 2 adjustments saying that the package weight was "adjusted" to 8 oz, when that is what I PURCHASED in the first place. The adjustment says 8 oz, the label purchased says 8oz.

I am also experiencing lost packages which I never did before.

Done and won't use again.






Occasional Contributor

Same.  It's a total scam now.

Hello @roycehutain!


Thank you for your post! I understand that adjustments can be quite frustrating for our merchants. I have contacted the support team and requested that someone reach out to you to address your concerns.


Have a wonderful day!




Occasional Contributor

I appreciate you reaching out.  I see the box dimensions missing is the culprit.  Shipstation should make putting in the dimensions for GlobalPost mandatory just like it is with DHL.  This would eliminate the surprises and negative posts like this.