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Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?!

Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?! Whenever we enable bot mode on CloudFlare shipstation can't connect to our woocommerce/wordpress website....I asked chat for the ip's shipstation uses but they provided amazons json file

dailce by First-timer
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Please add QR code Returns!

QR code Returns would be such a convenient way for our customers to return items to us. Not everyone has printers and the means to attach a printed label to a package and send it back. We have run into the situation multiple times were our customers ...

Amazon Buy-Shipping Issues When Splitting Shipment

Hello,When using "Amazon Buy-Shipping" - we sometimes run into issues when we have to split the order into multiple shipments. For instance, if we have to split an order of six items into three shipments, we can usually use "Buy-Shipping" for two ord...

JG95 by Occasional Contributor
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UPS by Shipstation for France?

We have a USA Shipstation account and a France Shipstation account.Unfortunately, for our France account there is only a Colissimo by Shipstation option and no UPS by Shipstation like our USA account.Can Shipstation get together with UPS in France to...

Option to select a custom carrier?

Is there a way to designate something like "Company Truck" or "Local Delivery" as a carrier option when choosing a carrier?We deliver quite a number of orders ourselves and, while I know I can mark the item(s) as delivered, there is no tracking for i...

sales223 by New Contributor
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Odoo Integration

I created an eCommerce Website on Odoo.I installed the shipstation connector, I need to use shipstation to ship my sales order from Odoo.

SR by First-timer
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Resolved! Digital / Physical Products

Hi there, I have a store through Wix where I sell physical and digital products. For example .. we have registration fees sold along side T-shirts. You cannot create two separate stores in Wix so all products have to exist in one store. I have severa...

Eawingo by New Contributor
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Etsy shipping rates almot 2X cheaper than ShipStation

I ship over 1,000 packages per year on Etsy so I get good rates inside the platform when I purchase a shipping label. When I compare the rates, its almost 2X cheaper than ShipStation.Example: I pay $13.75 to ship a 1KG box via Tracked Packet USA with...

birdzy by First-timer
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International Customs- Request Entity Too Large

Our team ships large international orders on a regular basis. When ShipStation generates the commercial invoice there is a maximum of 100 line items (customs declarations). Many orders we ship are over 100 line items, when this happens there is an er...

FedEx Services

I was wondering if it would be possible to get FedEx services: FedEx International Priority Export Express and FedEx International Priority Export added to the services already offered by FedEx. The rates are very competitive and we lose money not be...

CCSteele by First-timer
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Regarding order create API

I was working on order creation API but able to create via dashboard not via API. It is giving an empty string response, so unable to know the exact status.curl request is:curl --location '' \--header '...

Czech Post

Please add Ceska Posta to the list of carriers we can work with on the DE platform, it will be very helpfull!

Zaha by New Contributor
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UPS by Shipstation - Insufficient Funds

When I try to purchase a UPS label I get a message that says my "UPS by Shipstation" account has insufficient funds. There is more than enough money in my Shipstation account. If I push "Continue" on the insufficient funds page (which would normally ...

TX USPS transit times

Is anyone else experiencing very slow transit times for their TX customers? I've had three different orders, 2 with Ground Advantage and one with Priority Mail that are taking over 15 days. Of course, one of them I sent a replacement order and it was...

Multiple UPS by Shipstation Accounts

I would love to be able to connect a second UPS by Shipstation account to our Shipstation account. We currently use our own UPS account and UPS by Shipstation; we get good rates on large packages with our own account and good rates on small packages ...

Need LTL Carriers to Support Multi-Package Shipments

Hi, I recently received a large order that has two items which require 3 total packages, all needing to be shipped via LTL. I naturally thought I would be able to create multiple packages within the same shipment, but unfortunately that's not an opti...

fbueno10 by First-timer
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How to get a GlobalPost label onto a USPS scan form?

On the End-of-Day screen, my Globalpost packages are separate from USPS packages. When I close the USPS batch, the scan form contains just those USPS packages, not the separate Globalpost packages. If I try to close the Globalpost batch, I get "Unexp... Closed my Account Randomly

Has anyone ever had their account closed without them notifying you? I have no emails. I checked all the contact info and it's fine. We have a positive account balance and all the credit card info was fine. We shipped on Thursday without i...

cswonder by First-timer
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can shipstation work with a direct link

Hi new here , basically i wondering if we can have orders automatically move to shipstation from a direct purchase link . we have an email group and we sell products through this email . each product has a direct link to click on and checkout through...