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No option to select service when creating a return

Hi, I can process orders but when it comes to processing a return label I no long have the drop down menu to select a service. I have always used the same method and it's always worked fine, what could have happened since this morning?Thanks

Nigel by First-timer
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Resolved! UPS suddenly not showing as carrier option

Hi, Been using shipstation for several years. Suddenly, UPS isn't showing in my list of carrier options even though it's setup in my list of carriers. I've disconnected and reconnected a few times hoping that would solve the issue. That didn't work. ...

MikeATX by New Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping Account

Hello, Is it possible to add a 3rd party shipping account (specifically FedEx) to ShipStation? I have the requirement for one of my drop ship accounts to use their FedEx account and I can't seem to figure out how to do it via ShipStation. Any assista...

Linking UPS Account

Hello,I am having issues getting our account from a retailer to sync up with ShipStation.Has anyone else seen this issue or found a solution?

USPS Pickups page not calculating total weight

I've reported this to support via a Zendesk ticket, but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. So, thought I'd see if anyone else was encountering this issue. It seems that the USPS Pickups page has changed. I'm not sure exactly when that happened -...

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FBA MultiChannel Fulfillment Costs Report

I need a to know the total costs for all shipping and carrier costs for a certain time period for example the last 30 days. I noticed when I run the Shipping Costs report it doesn't include any of the FBA multichannel fulfillment fees. None of the ot...

Purolator integration omissions, features missing

We're currently migrating from Purolator's in-house platform to ShipStation.Currently, when we create a label, we input our reference # in Purolator system (our internal shipping slip #). Two neat features result from there:The reference number appea...

UPS cost increase?

So we received an email a few days ago that UPS rates were going to receive a LARGER DISCOUNT starting today. NOTHING about a rate increase.... From everything I search online UPS did NOT raise standard ground rates in the US recently (since the begi...

PH by First-timer
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FedEx FIMS Mailview Integration

This has been a topic of discussion for the past 7 years without any effort on Shipstation's end to add this feature. It comes highly requested (

EcomFix by First-timer
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UPS Simple Rate

I would really love to utilize ShipStation as a one-stop solution. Unfortunately, most of my packages ship with the UPS Simple Rate and I don't see that as an option with ShipStation. Any plans to add that and a possible timeline?

Resolved! Digital / Physical Products

Hi there, I have a store through Wix where I sell physical and digital products. For example .. we have registration fees sold along side T-shirts. You cannot create two separate stores in Wix so all products have to exist in one store. I have severa...

Eawingo by New Contributor
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Carriers through ShipStation

I am having an issue with UPS that was set up through ShipStation. when I try to get rates for UPS I have two different rates. When I go and try to print a label from the account set up through ship station at my trial I get an error. When I try to f...

JMA by First-timer
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Residential vs Business address

When my orders sync with Shipstation they are marked as either residential or business. Many residential addresses show as business addresses. How do I change this to residential?Thanks

"wait operation timed out" error

I have the worst time with SS now. I actually upgraded my laptop because the OS couldn't run the newest version of the website. Well, I still can't run the new software apparently and it's really pissing me off. Latest error "wait operation timed out...

UPS EDI Support

Good morning, We have finished setting up our own UPS account and integrating our negotiated rates. We did all of this to enable EDI support with UPS to make customs processing easier. Could someone please point me in the right direction for how to e...

Maximum Weight Error Carrier Code 1015 - DPD

Hi There - has anybody been recieving Maximum Weight Errors when trying to generate DPD labels through API? We have been recieving these and have an open ticket for weeks that shows no signs of solving. About 40-50% of all our labels return this thro...

Luke by New Contributor
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Amazon shipping not generate labels

Hello, Recently we noticed that we cant generate Amazon shipping labels and gettin always the same error :No eligible service offerings received. You may be after the cutoff time for collection. Try moving the ship date to the following business day....

How set "hold for pickup" on a shipment

According to "Hold for Pickup" is a supported additional feature in ShipStation for Purolator shipments, but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. This is something we co...

artooro by First-timer
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