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Scheduling a Canadian CanPar pick up using ShipStation One Balance account


Has anyone had any success with this? I would love this option. I set up CanPar through my One Balance account.

The problem is that you can't schedule a pick-up through ShipStation. You are advised to go to CanPars 'Pick Up on Demand' link. Once there, you can't schedule a pickup. You are directed to re-enter all of the label information then you would have to purchase a label to schedule the pickup. I spent half a day in a chat with ShipStation and they recreated it, confirmed it, and had no other solution.

I reached out to CanPar and they had no solution. They do not have a request a pickup option without making a label with them. A very frustrating loop with no solution. CanPar advised me that it might be easier if I opened an account with them directly but I don't want to do that. I liked the (seemingly) simplicity of using the ShipStation integrated option. Thanks! 


New Contributor

Agreed. It's very frustrating. I had the same experience. 

I was able to schedule a pickup by calling Canpar Customer Service. We simply told them that we have a prepaid label and we needed a pickup. We don't have an account with them, they've always done it for free. They usually pick up the same day which is great. It is unfortunate to spend 10 minutes on the phone though.

New Contributor

Yeah I still use Shiptime for certain packages because of this. If Shiptime can automate the pickup scheduling, why can't ShipStation? This doesn't make sense.