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MacBook users please advise


I hope I put this in the correct Community folder but I'm having problems with my MacBook Air 2023.  Long story short all of the scales ONLY have a USB port. The MacBooks, even going back to my old one of 2018 do not have a USB port. It's never been a problem before because I just use my hub or an adapter. But the five scales that are recommended by ShipStation all use USB BUT must go directly into the computer not via hub or adapter. 

I have been on the phone with Support for at least two hours, combining my calls and the last person that I talk to finally figured out why my scale couldn't connect and that was the problem.

So now what am I supposed to do?  I don't believe I am the only Mac user in all of the ShipStation community that would like a digital scale to work with their computer.  🤨 🙃

What have other Mac users done to fix this problem?   THANK YOU!!!



Have you tried using an adapter?  Maybe they’re saying they must go directly into the computer but in reality it would work fine.