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UPS Reference Fields - Billing

New Contributor

We have multiple selling channels and need to be able to tell which orders relate to which store on the bill we receive from UPS.  According to UPS, you can add an identifying indicator within any one of the shipment reference fields that will show up on your UPS invoice.  However, the only option I see on Shopify to do this will effect every selling channel, defeating the purpose for us.  Is there any way for each selling channel to have their own unique reference field message on the invoice so we can easily seperate selling channels on our UPS bill?


The only other soution I see would be to create an excel formula to search tracking numbers for each selling channel on an export from shipstation against an excel download of our UPS bill.  



Hi @EatFitGo did you ever make any headway with this? I'm interested in knowing if you've been successful in pushing information to UPS via reference fields. Thanks!