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Configuring the domain authentication for outbound emails by the end of March 2024

Occasional Contributor

I am trying to puzzle out how to insert the domain authentication information (filling in three fields) in the ShipStation Settings/Sender emails but all I keep getting is a "Error loading DNS records. Please try again". I wonder if I'm the only one who is experiencing this or it's a systemwide glitch because this is a new functionality? 

No patience for support sessions - just yet.

Cheers, Rob

See for reference: 



You're getting an error when you try to add them to the DNS record at your domain host?

For me the instructions provided were wrong when applied on two different hosts.  I needed to remove the domain from the host (sometimes labelled name or store) so it is just ss-mail, ss._domainkey and ss2._domainkey respectively.  Give that a try and see if it still throws up and error.

I had the same issue. I saw your message and removed the domain name. Now it works. Support was useless. Thanks for posting. Saved me another month of dealing with support.

Occasional Contributor

There was a correction made by the ShipStation tech staff and it worked for me nicely. I needed help from my ecommerce platform (WIX) but got it done. It appears that we are good to go! Authenticated.