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How to Post Like a Pro.



How to optimize your posts to get responses


A great post gets to the point quickly, lets others know what you are looking for, and provides the context to help get your readers on the same page as you. 


For me personally, when I am posting something online or asking for assistance via text, I always ask myself the following: 


If this was a question that someone else was asking me, what types of follow up questions would I ask and what info would I need to help this person? 


Then make sure that you incorporate that additional information into your posts. 


This puts you in the mindset of your readers and also helps you get a resolution a little faster since you’re likely to get fewer follow-up questions.


The same principle can also be applied to other posts. For example, if you are posting a recommendation or feedback. Just ask yourself:  What questions would I ask someone in a face to face conversation about some new topic? 


Be an active contributor 


Try to look at other users’ posts and provide answers or responses when possible. Even if you are just asking for more information or agreeing with something someone else has said. When you respond to other users, this can start a chain reaction, getting more eyes on the forum leading to a higher probability that others will see your posts and respond to you as well. 


We want this community to flourish and we cannot do that without you. 


Make this space your own. 


Don’t be afraid to start conversations that are not directly related to ShipStation. We have created this space for you to connect with other users and help each other. 


This is your space and you should feel free to post and connect how you want to, as long as it does not violate our community rules. 



Keep these tips in mind and you will be a Community rockstar!


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager