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Adding reference line 1 for 3rd party UPS billing orders could be a beneficial feature/option to have in ShipStation! It would be time saving for us, as when I have an account providing their own shipping they require their company PO in the reference line and therefore I have to create the shipping label on UPS website to get that and it takes much longer to do it that way.  Please add this feature!

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New Contributor

What they need to do:

If they are keeping all UPS third party financial reporting on the report, they need to add the Marketplace order #, tracking ID, billable reference (pick-up charges, DAS charges, Re-weight charges).

If there isn't good reporting for how money is spent, then it's not worth our money.

Right now it's the barebones reporting, which only discloses how much money we paid with every single adjustment disclosed as an annoying pop-up.