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The Shipment by User Count area in the reports is very useful for seeing how many shipments a specific person completed in a specific period of time. An enhancement to this existing report would be to actually link to the list of these shipments. I was able to search the system and find the shipments that each user worked on, but if the count number that is shown in the existing report could be changed to a link that would take you to the list of shipments that the user worked on, these shipments would be much easier to find.


Hey there @raybuckautobody,


I think this is a terrific idea! I'll move it over to the ideas section so it can be voted on by the rest of the community. This feedback will be absolutely provided to our product team for review. 

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The report “Shipment Count by User” that is now available is helpful but, from what I can tell I can only pull by individual user. I’d like this report to be available for “ALL USERS” or even a choice of multiple users. Also,It would be great if I could pull it by a few more options:

                YTD over Prior YTD (Date Range Choice)

                Current Year Month over Prior Year Month or Current Period over Prior Year Period

This would improve our YOY planning and forecasting as well as insuring we know when to change plans to cover our seasonal ebs and flow.


In addition to "Shipment count by user", it would be helpful to know "number of boxes p/ user" (we send a lot of multi-box shipments) and "weight by user". 

We divvy up the workload by order size, so one person may get out 60 orders that weight under 24 lbs in a day, whereas another person may send out 17 that are over 100 lbs.  Both are putting in a full days work, but it looks like one did significantly more. 

If there was a "box p/ user" or a "weight p/user", I could get a better picture of average expectations for the department.