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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Would love to see a report for sales tax paid by shipped to state.
New Contributor
At the moment 2 reports need to be pulled, and then using vlookup formula to match the SO's to match. This kind of report is very important for our pricing.
First-timer (legacy)
We are in need of a report that shows historically how many orders are pending shipment per day. Being a highly seasonal business with large surge, we would like to reflect on prior years to see how that daily total fluctuates throughout season. This is a good KPI for when additional manpower is needed or when we need to slow sales/turnaround expectations.
First-timer (legacy)
I was hoping to find a way to report on the # of each package type shipped during a period of time. This is useful when negotiating with shipping carriers, as they create the shipping rates both geographically and by package type. (If rates are calculated by a dimensional weight). We should easily be able to see that we sent X number of Box 1s, X number of Box 2s, etc.
First-timer (legacy)
I want an option for a weekly overview of how many of each SKU was ordered per day of that week. I know I can run a report for Item Demand Summary, that will give me the weekly totals, but I would like to be able to break that down by day, but pull it as 1 report weekly. If not, I'm having to pull daily reports and compile the info, or try to customize a weekly export, which still forces me to have to manually go in a sort by day and calculate how many of each per day
First-timer (legacy)
Have a report that pulled any order that had an exception on it for an extended period of time. This would allow me to see that UPS had X number of exceptions and FedEx had X number of exceptions. I could find their on time delivery % based off of that and use that for negotiations or to choose one over the other for the base of your shipping.
Occasional Contributor
I like a report of all the arrival dates so I can dig into how often my shipment arrives on time
Who are my repeat customers. What is the percentage of my repeat sales to my total sales. some times we recognize a name or address (Bright red house next to park) but if you are processing a lot of orders for that day, you just do not pay attention because there is no time. This would help gauge what products customers like/dislike. If we launch a new product, are people buying or not liking the product, if no repeat sales.
First-timer (legacy)
We would love the ability to report on how long it takes users to complete a shipment. Average time per shipment, total time shipping, etc. We are struggling to measure/compare effeciencies of our shippers without these metrics.
I am surprised that this does not have more votes and have not already been implemented by Shipstation. At the least you should be able to enter your landed cost per product in the first iteration. Second iteration maybe one or two more costs that you incur per product. For example packaging. Another would be the commission per market channel, but it will vary by either per product or per product category. And then maybe one or two custom fields a user may want to enter on their costs. Cost of Good Sold is so critical for any business. Revenue is great to see, but not easily knowing exactly what profit was made on each order can easily impact the success of a business. That quick look to see how profitable a day, or week or month is, is vital. Please implement. I am not sure if this is available already, but if we can download all products in shipstation using csv/excel, and then upload it back in adding in these new fields...then it would be so easily for users to implement and start using once Shipstation has created the formula to calculate the costs and then show the profit in dollars and percentages.
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Super User
There currently is no way to export a report including the Shipper who created the shipment and the SKU in the shipment. You can either export one or the other, but not both. Would be a very easy implementation to be able to export both I would think.