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Erin's Ship & Sip Instant Giveaway!

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Hello Community, 


I am excited to present our very next giveaway. On Tuesday, January 19th, I will be hosting a very special Ship & Sip as it is on my birthday.  As everyone knows Birthdays mean presents but this time I am shaking things up and will be giving all of you a chance to win a present from us to celebrate!


The first 25 people to register to attend this month's Ship & Sip to celebrate my birthday with me and comment on this post will receive a special birthday gift from me! 


Register Below: 




Looking forward to this, especially as we are thinking of moving to Houston in the next year and would love to know a good local spa place and business insight of a Houston-based company.

New Contributor

Will never pass up on an opportunity to learn something new.  Perfect topic to discuss at the start of this new year.

New Contributor

We also love learning new things! We can't wait for this one because the last one was great and full of knowledge. 🙂

Also, Happy Early Birthday, Erin!!! 

Frequent Contributor

 love learning new things maybe learn  few new trick to use ship station better

Frequent Contributor

I FINALLY get to sit on one of these! I've missed the past few, but not missing this one!