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Status: New

Would love to be able to pack orders while verifying through the mobile app on handheld devices instead of needing to use a physical scanner with the desktop version. Thank you!

New Contributor

I completely agree! With our warehouse it would be a lot easier to take our scanner phones and verify the items when they are picked instead of taking them all back to the shipping station and hoping you got all of the correct items. It would also be a lot easier than using the "Desktop Site" function in Chrome as having it optimized for mobile would make it a lot easier to navigate. 


We ++ this! The barcode scanning function in ShipStation Mobile is not a functional need for us without the Scan to Verify piece of it. ShipStation, can you update on if this is heard, and if it is being considered?


Thank you.

New Contributor



This is such an obvious and immensely useful feature to add to the mobile app!


This is a must.  It should be part of the mobile integration for sure! I don't know many warehouse people tugging a computer around behind them. 


Occasional Contributor

Yes! I feel like this would be an easy fix for them to make. They don't even have to add it into the app (although I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it) Just make SS website mobile friendly!! Please!!

Occasional Contributor

Absolutely need to incorporate scan to verify for mobile, it would be very useful. Also have a way to set a printer default so you don’t have to reselect the printer every time you print postage. 

New Contributor

This will be an absolute game changer for us! This needs to be a priority!!!

New Contributor

I know this would be huge for us as well. Is there any plan on adding this in future updates?

Occasional Contributor

Really surprised those that built this app didn't make this a requirement.  It just makes sense and surprised it hasn't been added.


Would love to see this integrated to be able to use a Zebra or Munbyn Mobile computer to facilitate filling orders