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Welcome to the Study Room


Welcome to the ShipStation University Study Room! This space is for you to have discussions and share your insights, ideas, and feedback about our online learning courses


The learning center home page gives you access to our Getting Started materials, video library, and fully developed courses about popular ShipStation topics. You can also earn Community badges as you hit learning milestones!



We’ve set up a few discussions for our most popular courses. Go to the Getting Started Course Discussion to learn about our Getting Started course. Go to the Automation Course Discussion to discuss our Automation course.  


We’re continuously developing materials to help you thrive with ShipStation and we want your feedback! Please visit the Future Course Suggestion discussion to let us know which topics or skills you’d like to learn in the future.


Some upcoming topics include::


  • Certifications: become a certified ShipStation professional with our certification courses.
  • Guides on best shipping practices
  • Materials for Enterprise users
  • Role-based learning pathways: Not everyone in your company needs to know everything about ShipStation.  Are you the account admin? A warehouse manager? Do you pick, pack, and ship all the orders? These courses will narrow the scope of what you learn to just what you need to know for your role in the company. 
  • Webinars and other live learning events


Thank you for learning with us. We look forward to hearing from you!





The Customer Education Team at ShipStation