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creating a custom store

New Contributor

I have a question about creating a custom store. I created a 30-day account that I am playing in so that I get an idea of how things operate before creating a custom store on our active account. This is my first three days playing in the system. I see all the examples for creating orders and other functionality in the developer section, but I am not sure about the process for creating the API for the new store.  Is there a specific example on posting the "unpaid status, Paid status, shipped status.... to On-Hold status to create a usable store.   If I can't create the store then I feel that I can't use Postmen or send an update or create order from the actual store that we are creating. 

Could someone give me some help on this to better understand what I should be sending to create a store.   My first was to just create a new order.  but that did not work. 

thanks you. 


New Contributor