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ShipStation Current Status with Vape Legislation


As part of our ongoing efforts to support all of our merchants and those that provide Vape related products, ShipStation has been working on a number of fronts to enable you.


We have partnered with PUDOpoint Counters ( which provides both authorized tobacco and non authorized delivery destinations. You will ship via Carriers willing to carry Vape products and based on their regulations to a PUDOpoint location and then the consumer will pickup from this location. In order to allow the consumer to pick the appropriate location, ShipStation has partnered with ShipperHQ allowing an in cart selection by the consumer. To enable this on Shipstation, please first reach out to with attention to Andrew. Once Andrew provides the required information, we can get this service turned on in your ShipStation instance.

We also have these regional carriers available in Shipstation who currently support shipping/delivery of vape/e-cigarette products. If you already have an account with any of these carriers, feel free to add them in your Shipstation platform right now. Otherwise, provided is the best contact for you to get an account.

  • GLS US: Cari McGinnis (
  • Better Trucks: Josh Fredman (
  • LSO: Kendra Jackson (
  • SEKO: Only available with cross-border and LTL services. Geoff Rowan (
  • Swyft: Canada only. Swyft can only offer California right now to carry vape shipments.
    Chicago, Dallas and Austin will be available January 2022.
  • Intelliquick: In process - QA
  • Aramex: In process
  • Dropoff: In process

Carolyn Pawelek

Head of Merchant Success



Hello, are there any further updates on shipping solutions in the East Coast?