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Vape Shipping Update


We wanted to provide you with the most up-to-date information that we have gathered.


In discussions regarding the new legislation passed at the end of 2020, we have confirmed that there will be no change in the effective date regardless of the uncertainties that still exist.


USPS will make their final ruling on the legislation after reviewing all of the comments from their proposed rule change, but they do not currently have a published timeline for when this will be available. We believe the final ruling will align with the Jenkins and Pact Acts on how tobacco products are handled - merchants should familiarize with how these Acts are implemented and their associated restrictions for tobacco products to assess how this will impact your industry. In our opinion, based on the high volume of questions submitted to the USPS, it may be that there is not a  final ruling  which would allow us to have solutions in place by the legislative date. 


Once the final ruling has been issued, it will be determined if Vape merchants will be able to apply for exception rules with the USPS and what those exceptions will entail. It is unclear what the exception request and approval process will be or the timeline for availability of such a process. 


One tactic might be to offer bundled package sales for your consumers to bridge the timeline while all parties do their best to understand the legislation and its impact for your business and the consumer.


We continue to receive information on an ongoing basis. As we learn more, we will integrate elements into our applications which comply with the law. And will do everything we can to assist you to keep shipping your products.