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We want to celebrate your Shipiversary.


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We hear you have recently had a Shipiversary, and we want to celebrate with you! Tell us how long you have been with ShipStation and share either your favorite feature, a tip or trick you have learned, or your favorite celebratory gif to earn a very exclusive Shipiversary Community badge. 


-The ShipStation Community team 




Super User
Super User

I have been using ShipStation for 3 years, and my favorite trick is the "Apply Preset" shipping option!
Saves a lot of time when I need to upgrade someone's shipping service on the fly!apply-preset.PNG


Been using Shipstation for 3 years. I love the ease of having all of the carriers in one program instead of switching between UPS Worldship, FedEx, USPS etc. 

My favorite feature is the automations. This feature makes my life so much easier everyday. From auto tagging an order to turning on the insurance if the order is over a certain dollar amount or carrier or both. I also like the reporting. This allows me to fairly easily put a Profit & Loss report together for our shipping costs to ensure we are not over or under charging for freight.