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DHL Commercial Invoices Incorrect for New Brexit Rules

Occasional Contributor



having a problem with the Commercial Invoices generated when shipping form the UK to the EU, they don't include the required product origin text to ensure the items don't get charged duty when they arrive in an EU country. 


Somewhere on the commercial invoice it needs to have this text or the shipment will get charged customs


The exporter of the products covered by this document (Exporter Reference No.*) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of ... preferential origin.

(Place and date**):
(Name of the exporter):


We have tried amending the document we stick on the box but as the commercial invoice is also sent electronically it doesn't really matter whats on the box, and our EU customers are incorrectly being charged duty on top of VAT.


anyone else having this problem and have you got temporary work around? I have contacted DHL as they control the text on the commercial invoice generated in shipStation but they are painfully slow at fixing stuff like this 


Cheers, Max


New Contributor

Having exact same issue here, Max! I've contacted DHL also and no resolution from them. We need a temporary field/place to enter custom text on the DHL Commercial Invoices until DHL update the template.




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We just received our bill for last week's orders and all shipments to the EU have incurred a £16 'Duties Taxes Paid' and £4.50 Brexit surcharge from DHL - I have a feeling the former is related to the omission of this preferential origin statement. This is on top of taxes we've also paid per order as we decided to deliver DDP.


Essentially the cost of shipments to the EU has more than doubled.


Anyone experiencing similar?