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Purolator integration omissions, features missing

New Contributor

We're currently migrating from Purolator's in-house platform to ShipStation.

Currently, when we create a label, we input our reference # in Purolator system (our internal shipping slip #).


Two neat features result from there:

  1. The reference number appears on the label;
  2. Our customer service can use this reference number to track the shipment on (they do no have the carrier's tracking number on hand, so it is very convenient to be able to use the reference number).

With ShipStation, there's an option to add messages on the labels, but Purolator does not seem to have been programmed to work with that.

Additionally, when we create labels with ShipStation, the tracking using our reference number (order # in ShipStation's case) on does not return anything.


It would be great to have these two features available again. Thank you!