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The administrator of the account should be able to add a handful of email addresses to get the Weekly Digest Email.
Currently, the only way for anyone to get a copy of that email is that they have to be a named user, give them permissions to reporting and then opt themselves into getting the report.

So if the owner of the company, or the controller or a director of finance wants a copy, I have to either forward it to them with or with filter rules (but I don't care to receive it myself if I'm the admin), or I have to add one of the email recipients as a named user for $15-5 dollars that don't want or need any functionality of Shipstation except for this report.


1. Allow the administrator of the account to add one or more emails to get the Weekly Digest without taking up a named user slot.
2. Weekly digest should contain an Excel attachment so that the data can be consumed easily by biz folks.



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I think the ability to send to multiple users who are not paid users is an absolute need. 

There are higher-ups who may need this reporting but are not going to process anything internally in the system. 

For now if possible you could add a shared inbox or distribution list to your email domain and assign it to one of the named users.