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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
I would like the Shipping Cost report in Insights > Reports > Shipping Cost to have an additional filter field "Product ID" so I can calculate average shipping costs for each product. Currently that report does not specify the product ID at all. This will help sellers set prices on listings which are advertised as Free Shipping to the buyer.
Agreed. Because shipping prices all over the country vary, I want to be able to get an average shipping cost on individual items.
First-timer (legacy)
This really needs to happen! The analytics are the key to businesses these days and I've been searching this myself. It's so hard nit-picking through a complete excel sheet of thousands of products to get avg cost of shipping for each product.
It's shocking that this report isn't currently available or at least an ability to export the data to calculate this ourselves. Free shipping isn't free to us and we need to know what the costs are at an SKU level so that we can adjust our pricing accordingly. Currently, I search shipped orders for a certain SKU, then copy and paste the results into excel. Then I have to sort by units shipped to weed out multiples and then again by weight. Still, the data is limited by the search results and not always accurate. There is a wealth of information that if made available, would be a tremendous help, especially for those of us who's shipping costs can represent near 30% of the product costs. A simple report that returns the cost for single item shipments filtered by SKU that includes the carrier and zone would be enlightening or perhaps frightening. Please consider either a report or a way to export the data so we can analyze it ourselves. If there is currently a way to get this information, please add a comment explaining the process.
First-timer (legacy)
I agree this would be super useful
Status changed to: Investigating
Occasional Contributor

Any update to this? Status says investigating since November 2021. This would be a really helpful features to help accurately forecast profit margin per product variation, accounting for shipping cost.

Occasional Contributor

This is a report we all need in todays online selling.  ShipStation should have created this by now.

We ship each product individually because of size and it would be easy for this report to be made



This would be super useful information for any company who is try to bake shipping costs into the selling price of an item.