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Hi Community,

We have an idea that could greatly help us and other Shipstation users.

You should create a button to reship a package from the original order. Currently to return an item to a customer we must create a new order manually. For the seller who ships more than 500 orders per day, this practice is costly and generates several errors.

The practice is simple when orders are created manually in Shipstation, we can copy customer information. However, when the information is transmitted by an external platform like Chaneladvisor, it is impossible to put an item in "Create another shipment". In addition to embarrassing certain users like us who created an order manually, we must pay particular attention to inventory.

We believe it's time for a "Re-shipment" button to be created in Shipstation. A brand new order would be created with all of the customer's information. We may therefore be able to track the reshipment directly in the original order.

Thank you,
The MDP-Web team


Hello there @STEJULIE


We currently have 2 different methods to Re-Ship an order. Please check out the linked article on these options! 


Would you mind describing what you are requesting that is not completed by either of these actions? That kind of detail can be truly beneficial! Thanks in advance! 

New Contributor

Reshipping from the original order as easy as in Legacy view works great.  I understand with the New Layout there are 2 ways to do it which a lot more is involved.  Clicking here and there just to reship, compare to before was so easy and convenient = more productive.