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Hi! Amazon just released a new "feature". Using their machine learning capabilities, they'll now flag some orders as High-Risk and suggest us, the shippers, to enforce Signature Confirmation.


As of today, the only way to find out about an order being flagged is by manually going to Seller Central and review each order. Not ideal.


Ideally, Shipstation should be able to get that info every time it updates it's Amazon connection and let us know. Maybe having it available to fill a custom field so we can automate a Signature Confirmation setting flow.


Thank you.

1 Comment

I agree this needs to get added. 


However, I hope Shipstation will sooner than later add this (and other fields) as their own standalone field.... because I already use all 3 custom columns for other important information.


Personally, if/when this gets added I won't even use it as a column, I'll just set it as an automation to 1.) automatically add signature required AND 2.) will add a colored tag in my view to make sure we don't accidentally remove the sigcon.