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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

Especially since COVID we've had a huge quantity of shipments that were lost, delayed, or never delivered.  If there was a report that generated a view that could be sorted by the current tracking status it would be helpful. 


Especially those shipments that never scanned in, were beyond the delivery date, or that had a delivery exception.  Normally we only hear when we get a charge back or irate customer. 

Occasional Contributor

We to could use a report like this.  We need a way in the Shipments tab to get the Delivery Status icon shown next to the tracking number to export in a report.   We essentially want to get a report of all orders from the previous day that have an unknown status.

Occasional Contributor

I like this idea as well. It would be great to see a global view of tracking / delivery status to keep tabs on. That way we can be proactive about situations that come up instead of responding to angry customers.