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This export CSV does not have a field for the product cost. There is a data field for Unit Price, which is the price we charge to our customer; however, what we need in addition to this is the cost to us from our supplier. This allows us to see product level margin detail. This is critical for many types of data analysis. One in particular I'm trying to run right now is to see how are item level shipping costs are affecting our item level margins. So I need to show ship cost paid by customer, carrier fee charged to us, product price paid by customer, and product cost to us from our supplier. This all needs to show on the product line item in one report. That allows me to perform a relevant shipping cost audit on the product level detail, and we can adjust shipping charges on the product level appropriately. 


Business critical. There are other shipping software companies out there that have this capability so it is a broad market need and a competitive leverage point.